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Within the South Africa context and more specifically rural based Local Municipalities such as Imbabazane, continues to suffer the inherited legacy of underdevelopment, poverty, infrastructure backlogs and inequitable access to basic services and resources. Consequently, in responding to these challenges, the government has initiated several mechanisms and measures that seek to turn the current situation around.

At a local government level, a comprehensive and elaborate system of performance management has been developed for municipalities. The performance management tool is designed to continuously monitor the performance of municipalities in fulfilling their developmental mandate as per constitutional requirements. Underpinning the system of PMS is the development of key performance indicators as instruments to assess and evaluate performance. These indicators assist to translate complex socio-economic development challenges into quantifiable and measurable constructs. As such, they are therefore crucial if a proper assessment of the impact of government in its quest to improve the quality of life for all is to executed.

Correspondingly, this document is intended to take make provisions for the implementation of a Performance Management System at Imbabazane Local Municipality (hereafter also referred to as ILM), the establishment of appropriate practices and the enhancement of a culture of performance management in terms of the requirements and provisions in various policy instruments. This is a policy (framework) document that deals with amongst other things the following:

  • The requirements a performance management system will need to fulfill,
  • The objectives, functions and principles that will inform its development and use,
  • A model that describes which dimensions of performance will be managed in the Imbabazane Municipality,
  • The process by which the system will work, and the delegation of responsibilities for different roles in the process,
  • The core components of and implementation plan of the performance management system.

Upon its adoption by Imbabazane Local Municipality, this document is expected to serve as its official performance management framework which informs the performance management policy, process and practices.


The Department of Provincial and Local Government( DPLG) defines Performance Management as “…a strategic approach to management, which equips leaders, managers, employees and stakeholders at different levels with a set of tools and techniques to regularly plan, continuously monitor, periodically measure and review performance of the organization in terms of indicators and targets for efficiency, effectiveness and impact.” The system will therefore ensure that all leaders, managers and individuals in a municipality are held accountable for their actions, which should bring about improved service delivery and value for money.

For a PMS to be successful it is important that:

  • Top management and council drive the system
  • There is a clear understanding and appreciation of its value by all stakeholders
  • Line managers are trained and take responsibility for performance management.

Performance management in a municipality is a two way communication process between the municipality and the community that is making use of the municipal service.  The performance of a municipality is then measured against specific standards and priorities which have been mutually developed and agreed upon during the IDP process.

Performance management is potentially the area of management that can make the most significant contribution to organizational performance. The system should be designed in such a way that it improves strategic focus and organizational effectiveness through continually seeking to improve the performance of the municipality as a whole.


The municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations 2001, sec 7(1) stipulates that a performance management system ( PMS) must entail a framework that describes and represents how a municipality’s cycle and process of performance planning, monitoring, measurement, review, reporting and improvement will be conducted, organized and managed. The roles of the different role-players in the cycle and various processes also need to be spelt out in the framework.

Performance Regulations 7(1) stipulates:” A municipality’s performance management system entails a framework that describes and represents how the municipality’s cycle and processes pf performance planning, monitoring, measurement, review, reporting and improvement will be conducted, organized and managed, including determining the roles of different role-players.”