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Facilities offered


We make copies to the public at the cost of 50c per A4 page and R1.00 per A3 page


Fax and scan

These services are also offered at the library



The library has six computers with internet access for the public, and also the library has a person who is training the community on basic computer skills and after completing that course a certificate of attendance is issued. There is also an extra computer in the kids section for a kid who wants to surf the internet or play games


Community room / discussion room

The library has a community hall which can accommodate the maximum of 100 people it is mainly used for meetings by the community and for discussion area for teachers and learners. This hall must be booked at the library one week in advance at no cost


Access to library services and facilities

One needs to be a member of the library Inoder to have access on the above services and facilities, and becoming a member of the library is free to the residence of Imbabazane, an adult over 21 years can fill in the application form and young adults and juveniles under 21 years must fill the form and it must be signed by parents or legal Guidant


Library statistics


The statistic of the library was last updated on December 2010 and the membership was as follows:

Adults members = 1687

Young adults     = 1146

Juveniles            = 1043

Total                  = 3886


This library has the head count system which counts people as they coming in the library and it gives report every month, the latest report was  November 2010 there were 6489 walk-ins


Loan period for the material

  • Books & Compact discs  are borrowed for the maximum of two weeks and they can be renewed
  • Study guides & dvd’s  can be  borrowed for two days