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Services offered at the library

Lending services

Our library provides books which can be borrowed by the members of the library. All kinds of books can be borrowed fiction (novels) and non- fiction (such as history, biography science, travel, self help etc) in addition to standard books, this library also have copies of few books in large print format which are popular with readers with visual impairment.


Children’s lending services 

In our library there is also an adult and a junior section which provides books and other materials like educational toys especially for children. Books for children of all ages, from babies up to teenagers


Reserve and request

If the book you want is already out on loan, you can reserve it by filing in a reservation form; the library staff will then notify the user when the item is available.


If the library does not have the book that you want, you can request it, again by filing in a form. The library staff will do the interlibrary loan system, this is a system through which libraries in Kwa- Zulu Natal loan items to each other for the use of library members.


Other materials

In addition to books, the library has some audio visuals (compact disc and Dvd’s ) these range from popular chat music to traditional and classical music


Magazines and newspapers

Our library carries range of journals and periodicals including local newspapers and magazines on a variety of topics e.g. business, health and lifestyle, gardening, science, nature, history etc


Reference and general 

We also have a reference section containing books and other material which can only be consulted in the library (not to be circulated). Reference sections typically include resources such as dictionaries, directories, encyclopaedias, government publications, business information, yearbooks and atlases.